Owner:                                Maurice Petersen 

​Head Coach:                        Maurice Petersen 

Offensive Coordinator:        Maurice Petersen 

Defensive Coordinator:        Maurice Petersen

Strength Coordinator:          Maurice Petersen

Team Motto:                                           



​​Name:                         Maurice Peterson

Birthplace:                  Cleveland Ohio

Residency:                   Tucson Arizona

Coaching Exp:              6 years

Occupation:                "Da Painter"

Motivation:                  Family

​Quote:                         Hustle hard

Coach Maurice Peterson of The Arizona Panthers is new to the game and he has a lot to prove. Coach Peterson believes hard work beats talent everyday.

One of Coach Peterson's major accomplishments is creating a unique painting style of figures and uniform designs that changes the way we approach the game as it is today.

Arizona Panthers Equipment

Arizona Panthers 

Coach Bio 

Coaching Staff 

​Bases:                       Evoq, ITZ 

Figurines:                 Watts, Next Level

Footballs:                 3rd and Long

Field Design:

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