​Bases:                       ITZ, Miggle

Figurines:                Game Day, Next Level, Undefeated 

Footballs:                Miggle

Field Design:           Marty T Customs  

Tags:                       #BuffaloBulldogs 




Buffalo Bulldogs 

Coach Bio 

Buffalo Bulldogs Equipment

Owner:                               Marty Thomas 

​Head Coach:                       Marty Thomas 

Offensive Coordinator:       Marty Thomas  

Defensive Coordinator:       Marty Thomas 

Strength Coordinator:         Marty Thomas

Team Motto:                       Seek and Destroy               


Coaching Staff 

Coach Marty Thomas of The Buffalo Bulldogs has coached over several decades and has shown to be a proven adversary when it comes to being competitive in miniature football. 

One of Coach Thomas's major accomplishments came in 2019 by winning The Fault line rumble and in that process winning his first Gold Ball.

Name:                         Marty Thomas 

Birthplace:                  Buffalo New York 

Residency:                  Las Vegas Nevada

Coaching Exp:             Hall of Fame 

Occupation:                Crane Operator 

Motivation:                 Family first

​Quote:                        Got to be in it to win it

Coach Resume