Honolulu Sharks Equipment

Name:                          John Mederios

Birthplace:                  Wahiawa Hawaii

Residency:                   Laughlin Nevada

Coaching Exp:              Semi Pro

Occupation:                "Da Chef " 

Motivation:                  Family

​Quote:                         Life is too short for Bullshit

Coach Bio 

Owner:                                 John Mederios 

​Head Coach:                         John Mederios 

Offensive Coordinator:         John Mederios 

Defensive Coordinator:        John Mederios

Strength Coordinator:          John Mederios


                                            Norbert Revels


                                            Erick Thompson Sr.

Team Motto:                        Blood in the water 

Coach Resume 

​Bases:                      Evoq, ITZ

Figurines:                808, Gameday

Footballs:                3rd and Long

​Field Design:           Two Feet Customz

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​                                #MegaBowl

Coaching Staff 

Coach John Medeiros of The Honolulu Sharks smells blood in the water for anyone who decides to challenge him. 

One of Coach Medeiros's major accomplishments is creating his own company "Two Feet Customz." Two Feet Customz creates and manufactures Boards, figures and accessories for the hobby of miniature football. 

Honolulu Sharks