Owner:                                Erick Thompson Sr.

​Head Coach:                        Ali Rozier 

Offensive Coordinator:        Ali Rozier 

Defensive Coordinator:        Ali Rozier 

Strength Coordinator:          Erick Thompson Sr.                                                                            

                                            Norbert Revels

Team Motto: 

Coaching Staff 

San Francisco Swarm 

Coach Ali Rozier of The San Francisco Swarm  is a Hall of Fame Coach and one of the best in the game. 

Coach Rozier  has a very unique and dynamic skill set that is second to none. Very much in play is a trip to Championship weekend.  

Coach Bio 

Coach Resume 

Name:                         Ali Rozier


Residency:                  Detroit Michigan 

Coaching Exp:             Hall of Fame 




​Bases:                      Evoq, ITZ


Footballs:                 3rd and Long

Field Design:             Two Feet Customz

Tags:                         #SanFranciscoSwarm  




San Francisco Swarm Equipment