Las Vegas Bandits Equipment

​​​Name:                          Erick Thompson Sr.

Birthplace:                   Farmington Michigan

Residency:                   Laughlin Nevada

Coaching Exp:              35 years

Occupation:                 Professional

Motivation:                  To be the best

​Quote:                         If you don't know how learn how

Las Vegas Bandits

​Bases:                     Evoq, ITZ

Figurines:               VMGTOYZ, Gameday

Footballs:               3rd and Long

Field Design:          Two Feet Customz 

Tags:                      #LasVegasBandits







Coaching Staff 

Coach Erick Thompson Sr. of The Las Vegas Bandits has proven to be one of the most dangerous Offensive minds in the history of the sport. His pass first concept can put points on the board anywhere on the field against any defense.

One of Coach Thompson's major accomplishments came in 2004 winning The Great Lakes league with front of the base tackling rules.  This rule set is virtually obsolete in today's play, which makes this accomplishment even that much greater.

Founder and CEO of Miniature Pro Football, Erick Thompson decided to create a professional League for Miniature Football to set new boundaries that the sport has never seen.  

Coach Resume 

Coach Bio 

Owner:                                Erick Thompson Sr.

​Head Coach:                        Erick Thompson Sr.

Offensive Coordinator:        Erick Thompson Sr.

Defensive Coordinator:        Erick Thompson Sr.

Strength Coordinator:          Erick Thompson Sr.


                                            Jim Davis


                                            Norbert Revels

Team Motto:                        When in doubt air it out