Coach Bio 

​Bases:                       Evog, ITZ 


Footballs:                  3rd and Long

Field Design:              Two Feet Customz

Tags:                         #MinnesotaBarbarians



​                                 #MegaBowl 



Affliction is all yours if you want it or not!!! Grab your points here to secure your spot for Championship Weekend!!!

 Las Vegas, Nevada

August 20th - 22nd 2021



Vengeance is your last chance to earn your points to win the The KAT Trophy and become the Mega Bowl Champion!!!​

Las Vegas, Nevada

   November 19th - 21st 2021 



Eliminate the competition to win the Championship and be crowned the Mega Bowl Winner!!!​

Las Vegas, Nevada

   January 29th - 31st 2021 

Minnesota Barbarians 



Domination is the first step to solidifying your place among the elite in Miniature Pro Football!

 Laughlin, Nevada​

   May 21st - 23rd 2021 

Coaching Staff 

Owner:                                 Erick Thompson Sr.

​Head Coach:                         Jaron Turner

Offensive Coordinator:         Jaron Turner

Defensive Coordinator:        Jaron Turner

Strength Coordinator:          Erick Thompson Sr.                                                                            

                                            Norbert Revels

Team Motto:                         "It ain't got to be pretty" 

Coach Resume 

Name:                         Jaron Turner

Birthplace:                  Las Vegas Nevada 

Residency:                  Las Vegas Nevada

Coaching Exp:             Pro

Occupation:                Sports Journalist 

Motivation:                 Not to be broke

​Quote:                        Don't worry about the results

                                   Worry about the process 


Minnesota Barbarians Equipment

Coach JaRon Turner of The Minnesota Barbarians believes in mistake free football.  With a ball control offense and a multi-front defensive line gives him everything he needs to be in The Mega Bowl.

Coach Turner's biggest accomplishments are playing College Football as well as coaching football to other inspiring Athletes.  

Minnesota Barbarians schedule